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Lets talk about Enlightenment Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Images.Going threw my own Enlightenment Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Images was really weird and scary at first. It wasn’t until i took this test that made it fun and exiting for me because it was so accurate and on point. Here’s a great spiritual awakening test that helped me figure out the path in life that I was on. It’s a little scary because of how accurate it is but at the same time that’s really great for me because it can direct me toward my path in life. Go all the way with this test because it will help guide you through life.


You have to be honest with yourself if you want to awaken your spiritually awakening. What keeps most people asleep is the act that they want to live in an imaginary world in their own minds and don’t want to wake up to the reality that’s right in front of them.once you wake up to this reality then you will start to understand what spiritually awakening is and you will become truly awake.

You have to understand that every single one of us is already spiritually awake but because of conditioning of society we fall asleep. When we were in school we were never taught how to be honest with ourselves. We were taught skills, we were taught subjects, we were taught social skills, but we were never taught how to be real with ourselves. We were thrown into a classroom the teacher would say a few logical thins and they expected us to go out into the world and figure it out.

Unfortunately there are people who are 50 years old and are highly educated and still haven’t figured things out because they were never taught to. If you want to truly become spiritually awake is to be relax and honest with yourself, the first thing you must do.

Don’t see the world the way you want to see it as it really is without judgement. Once you see it for what it really is you can make a proper analyze of what you need to do next and if you’re on the path that you need to be right now in this moment. When most people become spiritually awake they start to question whether the path that there on I n life is the right one. They question all the past decisions they made, they star to even wonder there life purpose. This is how you know you really on the path to becoming spiritually wake and that is when you start to ask yourself what you’re living for. Most people can’t give you a real reason as why there alive today. They simply get out of bed and go about their day like robot without having any real purpose to their lives.

Why you exist then you know you’re on the path to becoming awake when you start to ask yourself real questions as to why you’re here. Believe me when I tell you life is 10x better when your awake and opened to this reality because you can start to see who in your life is bringing you down and who is bringing you up.

When becoming awake starts to improve your life, naturally you’ll start to spend more and more time with people who bring you up over people who bring you down and this.


Questions About Spirituality

1. When Do You Achieve Spiritual Awakening?
A spiritual awakening process usually occurs when you feel more connected, or you are in sync with your soul and mind. As you make the connection, you experience a true sense of peace, fulfilment, joy, love and freedom. It may sometimes get tricky to arrive at this stage, but once you do, you understand the true meaning of your existence.

2. What Triggers the Spiritual Enlightenment Process?
People can attain spiritual enlightenment anytime in their lives. Where for some it may happen gradually, others may enter this stage due to significant changes in their lives such as some major illness, midlife crises, divorce, the death of a loved one, tragedies etc. In simple words, your experiences in life can trigger the process of enlightenment.

3. Is Spiritual Awakening a Slow Process?
It is difficult to say that whether or not it is a slow process because some may achieve this stage real fast, but for others, it may be a life long struggle. You may jump in and out of it. At certain junctures, you may find yourself at the peak stage of awakening, but on other occasions, you may find yourself dealing with self-conflict or fears. It is all very normal because after all we all are humans and it is normal for us to falter and make mistakes. Because sometimes we may struggle to remain on the path because we drift away from it, this confusion or distraction happens. That is absolutely fine, but the true battle is to get back on the track and start seeking the truth again.

4. Can Spiritual Awakening Start With a Misfortune?
Yes, sometimes misfortunes may begin your spiritual awakening journey too. This is because when you are dealing with difficult situations in life, you start visualising the reality of life from a whole different perspective. You also find yourself pushed beyond the limits of endurance, which means your mind reaches a place from where it may begin looking at things from an entirely different way, and thus the process of spiritual awakening may begin.

You may often find yourself questioning the unpredictability and uncertainty associated with spiritual awakening, thinking that there are no sure shot ways of achieving this state of mind. But the truth is, just like this vast and endless universe our mind is a home to endless possibilities. You may not even know what lies inside it until or until you make efforts to unleash it.

We have discussed some effective ways of achieving spiritual awakening in this article; we hope that you incorporate these tips in finding the true path of happiness and self-awareness.Enlightenment Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Images


Enlightenment Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Images

The spiritual practices balance the life. The practices such as breathing, meditation, and yoga exercises help people to connect with themselves. According to a book on spirituality written by Florence Scovel Shinn, the subconscious mind needs programming, and if it’s not done then someone else will program it.

Nowadays, without spiritual practices, people let others do the programming through the social media, news, and other informative mediums filled with a mixed type of expressions, which disturbs the focused thought process of an individual. The morning practices make the mind more focused and program it in such a way that the employee can sustain the new work challenges and unexpected events throughout the day. The start of the day with these spiritual practices awakens the individual and makes him realize the happiness and peace within by detaching him from the deep dreams of other attractions. To make the mind feel great and alert throughout the day, starting the spiritual practices early in the morning after a complete 8 hours of sleep is beneficial as it is very peaceful and quiet in the morning. After starting to wake up early in the morning, it becomes a supplement for the healthy expansion of the entire life. Committing few spiritual rituals every day can absolutely change the life in a positive way. Sometimes, it’s difficult to meditate just after waking up, because many people go back to sleep while meditating.

Taking a simple tea can change the entire ritual, because the caffeine in the tea is a perfect wakeup call so that one can work without dozing off. Those who don’t like tea can sit and write something to regenerate the energy. Writing opens the thoughts and ideas in the mind. If an employee is going through a tough time, writing is the best solution to find out the best solutions.



Time to connect spiritual source during work
Sitting quietly with eyes closed, along with the focus on breathing will help to clean the mind which is continuously thinking and analyzing about something or the other. With consistent practice, they will vanish keeping the mind a quiet place. Organizations should promote these practices and create a calm and healthy atmosphere for them because employees desire to work in an organization that seeks to have a high sense of ethics or integrity and makes a good contribution to the welfare of employees, customers, and society than the typical company.

Trashing out the negative thoughts

If the employee is filled up with negative thoughts and emotions, which are not serving him, then there won’t be enough space available for receiving the desired outcomes. Imagine a glass of dirty water filled to the brim. If one needs to add pure water in it, then it’s not possible to add pure water in an already full glass. The same is true for the mind.

When the mind of an employee is full of worries, anger, grudges, judgments towards co-workers or himself, he won’t be able to think and utilize about pure thoughts of contentment, because the mind is already engaged in thoughts related to other negative feelings. It is essential to trash out such negative feelings to welcome positive things to happen. Because only a calm and happy mind can understand the inner intuition or the gut, finding a practice which releases negative emotions is the best way to deal with the negative thoughts.

A happy and clear mind helps employees understand how they feel about new tasks, projects, and organizational activities. There is a close relation between good thoughts and job satisfaction, because, in work, the positive organizational purpose is significantly associated with job satisfaction. With an increase in workplace spirituality, employees’ commitment increases towards the organization.

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Spirituality for leadership
For many years, spirituality and leadership were worlds apart. While spirituality concerns with intangible ideas and emotions, leadership is a practical area of scientific inquiry. However, a large number of evidences from studies show that these fields are much closer, and there is a transition between the two figures.

A good leader needs to evaluate the situation and act accordingly. The key elements of modern leadership involve co-operation, consideration, agreement, and social quality. The new adaptability culture requires a leader to be autonomous, take initiatives for improvements and emerge with new objectives and strategies. There is growing interest in the issues related to the spirituality in the workplace. The spiritual values such as humility, integrity, and honesty have a great effect on leadership success. The practices which have been emphasized in many spiritual teachings, and found crucial for leadership development are: showing respect for others, demonstrating good treatment, expressing caring and concern, actively listening, recognizing and appreciating the contributions of others, and engaging in reflective practice.

Leadership and spirituality play an essential role together in terms of ethics and values. Value-based leaders have the ability to utilize employee efforts and organizational goals more effectively by connecting them to the deeper values inside them. They motivate employees and improve their performance and commitment towards the organization by making them imagine a better tomorrow.

The spiritual rituals have an uncanny ability to set the human mind for the rest of the life. These spiritual practices also give a clear and loud message that the professionals in organizations should be versed with their core values through a positive vision and personal actions. People commonly believe that there is a conflict between the practices and values included in spirituality and those required for successful business, but the above article explains the huge similarity between elements of success in both fields. By incorporating these spiritual practices in professional life, employees can align good values with the strategy and road map to achieve massive success in the business.Enlightenment Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Images



Let them say you’re weird, because you are your doing something peoples are afraid to do and that is tap into an amazing power source which is your truest potential and power. Learn your energy and what path your own once you do that you will then understand what steps need to be taken to continue your spiritual journey. Once you you’re on the right path you will find solutions, people, and the support group you need that fit your needs and that will help you achieve your goals in life.


When most people become spiritually awake they start to question whether the path that there on I n life is the right one. Believe me when I tell you life is 10x better when your awake and opened to this reality because you can start to see who in your life is bringing you down and who is bringing you up. Naturally you’ll start to spend more and more time with people who bring you up over people who bring you down and this when becoming awake starts to improve your life.
This is because when you are dealing with difficult situations in life, you start visualizing the reality of life from a whole different perspective. After starting to wake up early in the morning, it becomes a supplement for the healthy expansion of the entire life.