Conference Policies

Policy on Considerate Communication:

TEDxGuelphU conferences are composed of speakers as well as attendees who have a wide variety of ideas, opinions and roles. All participants are urged to keep an open mind and refrain from attacking the thoughts of others by providing criticism only if it is constructive. With that being said, discussing and questioning ideas are encouraged, allowing participants to be subject to the most enriching experience.

Social Media Usage Policy:

Social media usage is encouraged during all parts of the TEDxGuelphU conference experience to communicate information and connect with others. However it is necessary that all participants follow the guidelines below:

  • It is acceptable to share what you have heard or learned from the talks on social media unless the speaker explicitly asks that the information be kept offline. Talks are made public to a certain extent but it is possible that a speaker may not want specific details to be shared.

  • When discussing aspects of the conference use hashtag #tedxguelphu when possible

  • Communicate and connect with other participants prior to the conference, during & after!

  • Feedback regarding the event logistics as well as continuing the conversation about ideas and future themes are encouraged!

  • Communicate in a way that is respectful without ostracizing the opinion of others

Gender Equality Policy:

TEDxGuelphU conferences aim to achieve gender balance through it’s session chairs, those selected  for oral presentation and through invitations to plenary speakers. Therefore, when choosing speakers and participants we request that they voluntarily disclose their gender and career stage at the time of their submission. This provides important information for tracking and for improving gender equality over time. TEDxGuelphU acknowledges achievements of all genders as well as encouraging and inspiring  future research leaders of all genders.